Friday, May 02, 2008

What I Miss: Thoughts on Fulltime Rving

April 30, 2008 – One year ago today, Ed and I sold our Whitehouse, Texas home to move into our Prevost – a motor home/bus conversion. On this anniversary of “going fulltime Rving,” I have given thought to what I miss.

I miss sitting around my oak kitchen table. My daughter Suzie, Ed and I shared our meals at this table in my kitchen window nook. We’d talk about the events of the day and resolve family issues seated around the table. We’d play competitive games of Rummikub or Canasta at the table. We’d use its surface to wrap birthday and Christmas gifts. When entertaining friends on the 4th of July, the table held chips, pretzels, and beverages. I miss sitting in my chair and watching hummingbirds sip from Ed’s feeders.

I miss the arrangements of fresh cut flowers from my seasonal gardens -- bright yellow daffodils, white and peach-colored gladiolas, ruby red canailles, Texas roses.

I miss harvesting my herb garden. The oregano, basil, sage and rosemary that I dried in 2007 are long gone forcing me to use McCormick seasonings, not nearly as good as fresh.

I miss our family dog Rusty. We gave our beloved Corgi to a good home with three children who play “keep-away” with him.

I miss my washer and dryer. Now, I need to have a roll of quarters for the laundromat or do very small loads of laundry in the coach all day long when I have the luxury of plentiful water or electricity.

I miss drinking my morning coffee on the back porch Saturday and Sunday mornings where the wooded acres gave me privacy and scents wafting from my herb garden awakened my senses.

I miss the squeak of front porch swing and how its back and forth motion could lull me a restful state.

I do not miss my property taxes or mortgage, the ball & chain of a demanding career, or the learning that my flight home on a Friday night is delayed or worse yet, cancelled.

I like being with my husband each day instead of my clients. I like what my best friend Val calls “fret free living.” I like feeling healthy and refreshed, not stressed. I like waking up every morning and wondering what new joy the day will bring our way.

If Ed and I had not made a decision to “go fulltime Rving”, I would have missed boating on Lake George, waking to a lake-effect snow in Erie, riding the Los Ebanos hand-pulled ferry to Mexico, seeing alligators in a Louisiana swamp, experiencing the catch of 47.8 pound catfish at sunrise, and meeting all of the people who have made our road trip memorable.

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