Thursday, May 15, 2008

We've Met Some of the Nicest People

When I studied at the University of Pittsburgh from 1973 to 1977, more the 21,000 students attended classes at the Oakland Campus. A student could get lost among the masses, but I decided to turn the student population into an opportunity. Every day, I tried to meet at least one new person. I achieved this goal most days by sitting next to strangers in class, volunteering for university projects, working on campus or simply saying a friendly “Hello.” I met many nice people, some of whom remain good friends today.

I view Ed’s and my 10,000 Mile Grand Tour of the USA and Canada in a similar way. This trip presents us with the opportunity to meet new people every day. Since leaving Texas on April 4th, Ed and I have traveled 2,443 miles. In those short six weeks, we have met some of the nicest people. Some are featured in my blogs. Others aren’t mentioned but I want to acknowledge everyone who has touched our lives – There are Rotarians I met over luncheons, people who gave us directions, other fulltime RVers at Rainbows End, campers with cute little kids, people at the VFW or Red Panty Saloon…The list is endless.

So whether you are a “Bus Nut” like Mike who let us park our coach at his bus barn in Fulton, Missouri, or entertained us unexpectedly at your lake house like Phil and Diane, or taught us to play a new game like Scattergories as did Matt and Suzie, or took our picture like the “Covered Bridge Kids” from Lakeland College – Garrett, Sean and Jaclyn, or engaged us in a political discussion like Brian – thank you! Thank you for sharing a moment of your time and enhancing our trip. Stay in touch, follow our travels, and may we meet on the road again.

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