Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Ed!

We plan to celebrate Ed’s 60th birthday all through the month of May. We started with a party at Suzie’s university apartment. We put trick candles on the ice cream cake. Any candle on university property is a violation, so we sang real fast, let Ed make a wish, and then tossed the 12 smoking candles outside. As a gift, Suzie and I gave Ed a new Coach wallet. It replaced the Coach wallet given to him by a girlfriend 21 years ago, the wallet that was older than some of Suzie’s friends who stopped by for dinner and cake.

A day later, we visited our business associate Sean Kelchen at his home near Kansas City. Knowing that Ed had asked for an ice cream cake, Sean bought one at Marble Slab to serve as desert with the lunch he prepared. Slyly, he brought the cake from the freezer and tipped it to show me. We were both surprised when the cake began to slide off the cardboard platter. Sean caught it before it hit the floor in a quick reflex action tipping the cake against his shirt. Good thing the cake was frozen or Sean would have been wearing more that a bit of green icing. We laughed until we were speechless and bent over. Ed heard us laugh but he hadn’t a clue that we’d almost lost the surprise cake.

Finally, on Mother’s Day, Grandma made a special pineapple cake for dessert at my son Jason’s house. We carried this cake flat and didn’t have to worry about candles. We tied our granddaughter’s long hair in a pony tail and let her help Poppy Ed blow out the candles.

“Happy Birthday, Dear Ed…Happy Birthday to YOU!”

Ed's Birthday is May 6th

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Brian McCarthy said...


Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a great day. Don't forget: We don't get older, we only get better!

Brian McCarthy