Monday, July 31, 2006

We're going full-time RVing

So much preparation! We have the house for sale with a pending offer; we've listed the furnishings for sale on Craig's List - Tyler, TX, and incorporated Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. as my new corporate entity. I eagerly read every book and newsletter about travel through Mexico, Central America and South America. (My comprehensive reading list will be posted to my website in by September.) We have decided to allow ample time to ready "Patty's Charm" our motor home as we need a new generator, house batteries, new tile in the bathroom and a few cosmetic touches to the carpets and window treatments. Ed is building me a work station in the coach so I can chronicle our trip and publish information on our Blog. Our early target date to shove off and to begin our road trip is spring 2007. The pull to get started grows stronger each passing day. We've ordered trunks to store keepsake photos and financial documents. Who needs these on the road?! The joy of simplification to leisure clothes, some necessary household items, food, fuel, and a laptop will bring relief to our harried life in Whitehouse, Texas. We will be offering a newsletter through my husband's company website for anyone who wants to follow our journey. Hold on, it will be a great ride!

We'll be heading to Mexico, Central America and eventually South America.