Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patty's Recommended Readings

I have loved to read books from even my youngest days. Sometimes, I find that I read two or more books as a time - fiction to lull me to sleep, business books to stay on top of my profession and watch trends, and travel related books to take me places where I have yet to go and enjoy the journey of other adventurous people. Here are my recent favorites and recommended readings for you:

99 Days to Panama: An Exploration of Central America by Motorhome, Dr. John & Harriet Halkyard, Brindle Press, 2005.

Around the World by Freighter: Discover Your World from a Cargo Ship, Bob Hartley, Trafford Publishing, 2004.

Desert Memories: Journeys Through The Chilean North, Ariel Dorfman, National Geographic Society, 2004.

Driving through Latin America: U.S.A. to Argentina, Chris Yelland, International Publications, 1997.

Errant Journeys, David Zurik, University of Texas Press, 1995.

Europe by Van and Motorhome, David Shore & Patty Campbell, Odyssey Press, 2001

Hemingway in Africa: The Last Safari, Christopher Ondaatje, The Overlook Press, 2003.

Road Fever, Tim Cahill, Random House, 1991.

Roads: Driving America’s Great Highways, Larry McMurtry, Simon & Schuster, 2000.

RV Chuckles and Chuckholes: The Confessions of Happy Campers, Darlene Miller, Roving Pen Publishing, 2005.

Tales of a Female Nomad, Rita Golden Gelman, Three Rivers Press, 2001.

Dolly Goes Around the World

Some people ask me, "What is inspiring such a bold move to give up a Texas home, secure surroundings and hit the road in your RV?" My desire to do this can be traced to a 29-cent book which my parents taught me to read back in 1961.

I read the book so often that I memorized Dolly Goes Around the World and recited it to Sister Joel's first grade class at St. Benedict's School in Johnstown, PA. I was only six-years-old, but even then I wanted to be like the blinky-eyed doll featured in the book traveling to the forests of Peru, on the pampas of Argentina, ashore in Hawaii and fishing in Alaska. Over the years, the book disappeared, given to a cousin or tattered and tossed out which I do not know. But the rhyming phases always reminded me that traveling means new experiences and fun.

Last spring, I found an antique book store with a copy of this beloved book. I ordered it online for the inflated cost of $32.99 plus shipping. This little literary treasure will go with Ed and I as we begin our explorations.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Talents and Time

Until Ed and I hit the road, I work as a senior consultant for Ketchum, a fund raising consulting firm with offices in Dallas and Pittsburgh. Some of my current clients include Prairie View A&M University, USA Swimming Association, Barness Family Jewish Community Center East Valley, and CHW Foundation - East Valley. I give my "all" to my clients as I mentor their development staff and show them ways to increase giving for their institutions.

Today, especially as I work at home for a client in Colorado Springs, I am overwhelmed at the talents I give. And, I cannot help but wonder what I could be creating for my own future as a travel writer if I had the time.