Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Not Stalling

Saying “Good-bye” to Suzie never comes easy. I like those last moments to stretch out and the hugs to fill my heart until our next visit. Ed and I will continue our 10,000 Mile Grand Tour of the US and Canada. Suzie will spend the summer months near St. Louis giving youngsters riding lessons and training horses. On the Sunday morning of our departure, Suzie and her roommate Nicole came to visit.

“Would you girls like something to eat?” – I’m not stalling…We ate an early lunch of ham sandwiches, potato chips and fruit.

“Let’s get some photos of you girls with the coach!” – I’m not stalling…Suzie and Nicole hung from the mirrors then each posed with me, and then took turns posing for the camera with Ed.

I could feel my tears burn and well in my eyes when I gave Suzie a dozen kisses and held her in a bear hug. We had a wonderful visit and I’d miss her every day until our next trip to Missouri.

We were about a mile out of Fulton when my cell phone rang. Nicole asked if I’d check the coach for Suzie’s phone. I found in the cushion of the living room chair. “Meet us in Kingdom City at the Denny’s,” I told Nicole.

I got to hug my Suzie again – I’m not stalling.

May 4, 2008

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