Wednesday, July 08, 2009

There's Daisies Everywhere!

Whenever I see a daisy, I think of my daughter Suzie. Daisies are her favorite flower.

During our drive in the Prevost from the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Wisconsin’s Lake Superior shore, we passed acres and acres of daisies. Fields looked so white that it appeared like a dusting on fresh snow. But, this was not snow. Snow in July only happens in Banff National Park (see “Riding the Banff Gondola”- July 2008).

The fields of daisies were so beautiful that I cringed when I saw a farmer cutting them with a plow as he mowed his field. Ed actually parked the coach on the side of the road and turned his orange flashing beacon light on so we could pause to enjoy a walk among the daisies.

I thought of Suzie with each step.

July 6, 2009

Michigan Hwy. 28 & Wisconsin Hwy

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