Friday, July 10, 2009

Give Me a Nickel Slot!

I love the sound of nickels hitting the metal tray of an old time slot machine. I like to see the dirty coating from the coins on my fingers. And, I like to watch the red, white and blue bars and big number 7s rotate at eye level. I feel like a winner whenever I hear the plink-plink of coins fall when I hit the cash out button even if my winnings are sparse. Forget the bar coded printout! Give me real coins!

The Isle Vista Casino and the Bad River Casino & Lodge both have nickel slots that take real coins and payout real nickels. I enjoyed myself at both casinos and losing only about $4. Still I feel like I came out ahead. At the Isle Vista, I made up for my losses in the complimentary glasses of Pepsi I drank. And, at the Bad River Casino, we enjoyed the luxury of free RV hook-ups with electricity and water plus Wi-Fi available in their Lodge lobby. With such amenities and hospitality, how could I ever loose!

July 10, 2009

Isle Vista Casino in Bayfield, Wisconsin

Bad River Casino in Odanah, Wisconsin

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