Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jojoba Hills RV Resort

The image startled me so much that I tugged on Ed’s elbow pulling him by the sleeve to see. A small rainbow illuminated the usual dull gray granite counter top in the coach kitchen.

“Look!” I exclaimed. “There’s a rainbow right here. Do you know what’s at the end of the rainbow?” I asked rhetorically. Without waiting for a reply, I pointed my finger at the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet rays and jabbed at it. “It means we’ve found what we are looking for, our pot of gold so to speak, a place to consider for an eventual permanent home for our coach Dolly’s Pride.”

We already have an address of Rainbow Drive through Escapees in Livingston, Texas but I think the real rainbow might be in Aguanga, California at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. Ed and I arrived at Jojoba Hills on February 18thwith the understanding that we could stay on a rental lot for a limit of 28 days. We registered and paid for one week due to my hesitation. “What if we don’t like it here?” I whispered to Ed knowing that we had just left an RV resort where we had planned to stay for two weeks but we’re itching to leave in two days.

Now, I am savoring each of our 28 days. Jojoba Hills is a southern California RV membership park with 283 sites for Escapees RV Club members. It is located off Highway 79 S some 17 miles south east of Temecula, California. This rather bland summary does not give a full description of Jojoba Hills.

Here’s what we found: Smiling people who offer warm welcomes, invitations to participate in Clubhouse activities, and generous Escapees hugs. High desert scenery dotted with giant rounded boulders and hillsides covered with flowers in colorful bloom. Panoramic views of snow topped mountains like Mount Palmer reaching 6,150 feet high. Comfortable temperatures for flip-flops and sleeveless shirts even though snow is within sight. Amenities including a heated swimming pool, library, miniature golf course, sewing room, craft room, billiards room and more. Activities beyond happy hour and pot luck dinners like hiking and pre-arranged day trips. Volunteer opportunities both on site and off. Strong cell phone and Internet signals because the lone pine tree on the hill is really a cell tower in disguise. No speeding cars since the speed limit is 9 mph. No noise from traffic or planes. Quiet neighbors. And, star filled skies. Ed and I are ‘over the moon’ impressed!

“Are you on the list?” We’ve been asked numerous times meaning: “Are we adding our name to the bottom of a possibly two-year wait list to make this a permanent place to roost?”

We’re still not sure; but when the time comes to end our roving days, we’ll look again at this spot at the end of the rainbow and think about the day a rainbow lit my kitchen counter.

February 22, 2009

Jojoba Hills Resort

45120 Hwy. 79 S

Aguanga, CA 92536

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