Sunday, February 01, 2009

Arizona & California Sheep

“Look at all those sheep!” I exclaimed. “And, there’s a dog over there too!”

Ed explained that the dog kept its eyes focused on us and growled when I approached the fence because it was trained to watch over the flock. “Ah, a sheep dog,” I finally got it! The dog looked docile lying in the field. Still I inched along with my camera in hand knowing the dog would have to leap across a dry irrigation canal to reach me. I had no intention of hurting the sheep. I just wanted to watch and take pictures.

Ewes nursed the baby lambs. Some sheep stood patiently as birds pranced on their woolly backs. A few of the youngsters nuzzled each other. And, a newborn tried out its wobbly legs. The scene delighted me and sparked a memory of something I’d not thought of in decades.

I was reminded of a gift I had received as a child. My friend Marian Smith was a teenager in the eighth grade when I was just little kid in the first grade. She was a neighbor in Johnstown who I adored and I know she liked me a lot too. Her Mom had taught her how to make ceramics. As a special gift, Marian made me a tiny white mug with the face of a pink lamb on it. She made a small figurine of a white lamb to set by the mug.

Seeing the sheep and lambs triggered the memory of that gift and a hope that both the mug and lamb are tucked protectively in my Mom’s house somewhere.

Ed reminded me how lucky I was as a child to have such a treasured friend and memory. I am reminded how lucky I am to be on this journey with another dear friend, Ed, making new memories everyday.

January 30 & 31, 2009

We had been touring north of Ehrenberg, Arizona along Mohave Road when we spotted the first flock of sheep.

A day later we traveled south on California’s Highway 78 from Blythe and saw a similar bucolic scene.

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