Sunday, February 01, 2009

Flat Stanley: Where's Pennsylvania?

For seven days my companion in Quartzsite, Arizona traveled inside my faded Coach Shopper bag. Occasionally, I unfolded Flat Stanley, a life-size paper doll, when it seemed that people understood my mission – to send representations of where I live back to Joseph in Greensburg.

Flat Stanley explored much of Quartzsite, Arizona. It’s not my home, but home is where we park it the saying goes in the world of full-time RVers. On his last day with me, Angie from the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce generously donated postcards to decorate Flat Stanley’s tummy. The Quartzsite Rotary Club and visiting Rotarians posed for a photo with him too.

Back at the coach, I hung Flat Stanley on one of the Prevost’s pocket doors for one last photo before folding him carefully and packing him in a Priority Mail envelop to send to Christ the Divine Teacher School. It seemed that as he hung there, Flat Stanley was staring at the US and Canada map that traces the routes Ed and I have traveled on our RV road trip. If Flat Stanley could speak, I think he’d be asked “Where is Greensburg, Pennsylvania? And, can I go home now?”

Flat Stanley was mailed to Joseph that afternoon.

January 27, 2009

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