Friday, January 23, 2009

Quartzsite Sports, Vacations, & RV Show: For Products As Seen on TV

Did I walk into a living television commercial? You know, the commercial aired during late night shows. The commercial promising you a miracle gadget for $19.99 that you can have “by calling 1-800…now; and if you order now, we’ll send you free…” another gadget!

As I walked the rows of vendors under the Big White Tent of the 26th Annual Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and & RV Show, the “barkers” offered miracle remedies for all that’s imaginable, some “as seen on TV.” Sore feet…try the fluid filled massaging insoles. “We can even cut them to wear in your flip-flops,” the man offered when I pointed out that I do not were orthopedics. Balding…buy a sun visor with fuzzy material sewn on top. Select gray for seniors, yellow or orange for those who dare. Tired of slicing off your knuckles when grading cheese…buy a colorful dish that looks like a saucer with built-in grader and toss away your kitchen band-aids for good. Suffer from stress…“Let my wife spray a natural substance – an adaptogen - remedy in your mouth for relief.” No thanks.

RVers concerned with economizing space can buy a boat that folds flat to four-inches. Great, but where do you store the ores, the motor, removable seats, and life vests? Want a campfire without the hassle of buying wood all the time? Buy a propane fueled campfire sure to be the perfect fire every night. You can even buy some colorful decorations to hang from your awning. Just be sure you remember to take them down before you retract the awning.

Ready for more? A premium aloe healing cream promises you will never have dry skin again. There was a show special for the “World’s Finest Massagers.” Wear lipstick that never fades. Use this exfoliating rub to remove leg hair. Reduce your cooking time with this American made cookware. Oh, my goodness! People really do buy all this stuff!

So was there merit to attending the Show? Yes, because amid all the gadgets and miracle solutions to what ails you, there were serious RV vendors with helpful information. For example, Honda Generators offered numerous model selections for portable power. Roadmaster displayed towing and suspension products. Escapees and FMCA offered membership information for RVers. KOA provided a map marked for easy reference with all their campgrounds. Several caravan tours announced their 2009 and 2010 trips. Tourism representatives presented the benefits of seeing Alaska, traveling to Inuvik, visiting Alberta or British Columbia. There were filters to purify drinking water and chemicals to treat the waste. Technicians were available to repair your windshield, add an awning, or install a satellite. These were the elements that added credibility to the show. These were the reasons we came to Quartzsite. All the rest was just entertainment!

January 17 – 25, 2009

Quartzsite, Arizona

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