Monday, January 26, 2009

Barrett's Miniature Village in Quartzsite, AZ

People do all kinds of interesting things with rocks. You especially notice this in Quartzsite, Arizona – a place world famous for its shows specializing in rocks, minerals, and gems. Most of what visitors see comes and goes with each of the winter shows. There is, however, an interesting and permanent display at the Tyson’s Wells Stage Station Museum.

A fellow by the name of Walter Barrett, a long time resident of Quartzsite, spent eight years building stone house. Some were replicas from his past including his birthplace. He constructed all to scale castle, lighthouse, rustic homes, ranches and more. After his death, his children donated to the structures to the Quartzsite Historical Society. Barrett’s Miniature Village is available for all to enjoy free of charge.

January 20, 2009

Barrett’s Miniature Village at

Tyson’s Wells Stage Station Museum

Quartzsite, Arizona

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