Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Do You Look for in a Campground?

What do I look for in a RV park or campground? The folks who design such places might be surprised at my answer.

I do not want a hot tub, swimming pool, or activity center where life gets over scheduled. I simply want these things:

Easy access for our coach. By this I expect wide roads without high, squared curbs and other barriers that could dent my coach. Overhead, there should be no low hanging tree branches even on a rainy day when saturation causes the limbs to hang heavy and droop. Directional signs to the lot numbers need to be clear unless escorts lead the way.

Campsite amenities. A level site is my first priority. Next, I like a site with ample space between me and my neighbor. With the popularity of slides, some sites are so close that you can watch the TV next door. Provide room to store my Demco tow dolly and space to park my car. Give me a picnic table so I can be outdoors for an occasional meal. And, I appreciate a fire ring for warmth and a nighttime roast of bacon or marshmallows.

Well maintained facility. During our recent stay at Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, we saw the park rangers planting trees, volunteers cleaning showers and restrooms, and a team from the California Conservation Corps working on a project to control future wildfire destruction. The dedication and pride in their work greatly impressed me. Others need to follow this example.

Beyond the campsite. I am fond of scenic views, hiking paths, and biking trails. Give me a location close enough to a town for groceries, but far enough away that the town lights are undetectable and the hum of traffic is inaudible.

Welcome feeling. Remember, I am bringing my home to you, so hospitality is paramount. I appreciate friendly greeters whether they are paid staff or volunteers. I like rangers who enforce the rules but don’t act like wardens watching your every move. I enjoy fellow campers who wave hello or offer a hand to help with parking or a little repair job. I like knowing that when I relax on my tattered lawn chair, I can drink an adult beverage and invite others to sit a while for a pleasant visit too.

Comment: I highly recommend Sweetwater Summit Regional Park on Bonita, California. It met my needs and exceeded my expectations during our one week stay.

March 9 – 16, 2009

Sweetwater Summit Regional Park


3218 Summit Meadow Road

Bonita, California 91902

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