Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Westminister Abbey

History, tradition and grandeur come together at Westminster Abbey. I suppose that is why Westminster Abbey draws over a million visitors each year and is considered a must-see when traveling to London.

Since the crowning of William the Conqueror at the Abbey in 1066, it has been the England’s Coronation church. Through the centuries, it became the burial and memorial place for kings, queens, statesmen, soldiers, poets, heroes and famous people like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

If your history is rusty like mine, the Acoustiguide© audio tour will fill in the details. Numbers placed throughout Westminster Abbey match narratives on the self-guided audio tour. Each message calls attention to historic details relevant to such things as the Chapel of Henry VII, tombs of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scotts, the Coronation Chair, and Grave of the Unknown Warrior. The commentaries add elements of history and interesting insights.

A visit to Westminster Abbey is an experience not to be missed. Its thousand year lifespan instills respect for the people who have shaped history, literature and science. There is an atmosphere of reverence throughout the Abbey reminding me that it is the cumulative effort of mankind that has brought civilization to where we are today. After spending an afternoon under the vaulted ceilings and moving solemnly among the ornate tombs, I would come to agree with all who advised me. Westminster Abbey is a must-see.

Westminster Abbey


November 8, 2008

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