Tuesday, November 18, 2008

St. James Park Wears Its Royal Fall Colors

Because Ed and I had been in the piney woods of the Oregon Coast, I missed seeing the work of Jack Frost through October and early November. That explains why the vibrant reds, yellows, and orange colors of the trees in London’s St. James Park gave me an unexpected pleasure. How long would this display of royal colors last? With only a short 10 days in London, I hoped the leaves would cling to the tree branches fighting the rain and wind to keep remnants of autumn alive for me.

On two of the days that I visited St. James Park, I aimed my new camera to capture the colors and shuffled my feet through fallen the leaves enjoying the season. I hadn’t missed autumn after all. I found it in London!

St. James Park is located on the south side of The Mall – described as London’s nearest equivalent to a Parisian boulevard – near Buckingham Palace in the Whitehall section of London. The Park is one of the oldest royal parks dating back to the days of Henry VIII. Ducks, pigeons, and geese wander about the grounds surrounding the tree-lined lake. Several unlikely pelicans reside here too. They are decedents of a pair of these birds presented by a Russian ambassador to Charles II.

St. James Park is open from dusk to dawn daily.

Blogging Tip: When I select photos for each blog entry, I review my laptop photo library. I keep notes on a tablet about the 1) size – small, medium, or large, 2) orientation – left, right, center , 3) folder name and 4) photo number. When I post the photos, I refer to my notes to open the correct folder, find the numbered photo , and select the appropriate size and position for the blog.

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