Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Coming Back from London

Greetings from Delta Flight 37 some 32,092 feet over the Atlantic Ocean! I am returning to the US on a turbulent flight from London, where I’ve combined business with some sightseeing pleasures. When I left the States on November 5th, I decided to leave my laptop behind in the RV. Because of this decision, my blogging has lapsed. Now, after 10 days in London, I am bursting with content and have many new photos to post on “Did Someone Say RV Road Trip?”

Although this trip to London did not involve an RV at all, my experiences fit well with the genesis of this wanderlust and ongoing travels. If you visit an earlier posting from October 8, 2006 called “Dolly Goes Around the World,” you’ll read about one of my favorite childhood story books titled the same as the blog post. This is the story about a blinky-eyed doll visiting 21 countries. Dolly remains the inspiration for my travels and our Prevost coach bears her name: Dolly’s Pride. In this book, Dolly visits London and now, I have too. Cheers!

Blogging Tip: When blogging becomes secondary to the traveling experience, I use transparent pocket sleeves to keep information sorted. These presentation sleeves hold brochures, related materials from attractions, hand written notes and clippings that might be useful later when I write about a destination. I dedicate a separate sleeve for each day of activity. These sleeves store nicely in a three-ring binder when I get back to the RV. This method files related information together, makes writing easier when I need to check some facts, and keeps me organized until I am ready to share my experiences on the Internet.

November 15, 2008

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