Friday, October 10, 2008

Give Me Something to Smile About!

Soon the circus big top will come down for the season. October 18th in Dallas/Fort Worth will be the last of the 2008 performances by the Carson & Barnes Family Circus. Last month when this circus arrived in Florence, Oregon, I sat on the edge of my seat watching the acrobats, spellbound by their athletic skill. I held my breath when a motorcycle moved across a high wire. The animals – from the tiniest poodle to the huge elephant - put a broad smile on my face.

I was so impressed that I wrote to Carson & Barnes. My message was this:

I must comment on the extraordinary acts. I sat in sheer delight as the acts ran in all three rings. My eyes darted around the circus tent because I did not want to miss a thing! This live entertainment exceeded all of my expectations. Your circus performers are truly talented people, skilled athletes.

It’s has been years since I attended the circus. My only excuse is that the kids have grown, but I know now that I have missed many chances to enjoy an evening of very affordable entertainment when I skipped going to the circus. I wish people would turn off the TV, pull the plug on video games, and get out to see some real family entertainment!

You can say, because of one day, I’ve changed to a circus enthusiast. I’ll be under the Big Top watching next time our travel paths cross again.

I hope your circus will have many more seasons bringing family entertainment to cities across the US.

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