Monday, October 27, 2008

Did Ya Vote Early? I Did

Rallies, negative advertisements, pundits, and not even a robocall can sway me now. I voted. I voted on October 14th - the same day that I received my absentee ballot from the Polk County Bureau of Elections. I had the privilege to cast my ballot this way because I live fulltime on the road in my Prevost bus conversion. I haven’t been in Polk County or Livingston, Texas, - my registered domicile - since January 2008. You see, I am an Escapee – someone who has given up a house in the country on a Texas concrete slab and trading it for a house on wheels. My husband and I have traveled over 10,000 miles this year through the US and Canada. I followed national politics while on the road and read several books about the candidates (and one who didn’t make it – Hillary) in making my decision for the presidential candidate of my choice. I felt less confident in selecting names for the Texas Railroad Commission, Senate, and Polk County Sheriff. Before coloring in the oval with a pencil as thin as a toothpick enclosed with my ballot, I had to research these candidates on the Internet. If their positions presented on their web sites aligned with mine, they got my vote regardless of party alignment. Yes, I voted early. It was easy. The tough part is waiting for Election Day and wondering if my candidate will be the one making an acceptance speech on November 4th.

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