Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are You Still in Oregon? Yep!

“Where are you now?”That is often the first question my friends ask when I call to a visit on the phone. Lately though, I’m getting: “Are you still in Oregon?” The answer is “Yep!”

On this entire 10,000 Mile Grand Tour of the US and Canada, Ed and I have not dallied in one place for longer than 10 days. Oregon is the exception. We’ve been in the Florence, Oregon region since August 19th and it is now October 23rd. That’s two months and I am not ready to leave yet. It’s all because of the Pacific Ocean. I just love it!

The ocean air rejuvenates me. I never tire of the sight or sound of the waves. I can walk the same beach over and over because it changes with the tides, sometimes sending me scurrying high on the beach to keep my socks and shoes dry, sometimes washing away the sand to reveal perfect shells, the beach gems. I like watching the seals almost as much as they like watching me. And, I don’t mind that the water is too cold for a swim; I am content to be near it.

I simply love the ocean! It’s a place where we may be for awhile longer.

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