Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making Birthday Wishes Come True

August 17th – now that is a special day! It’s the day one of my grandest wishes came true. I wished all my life to have a daughter; and 20 years ago, my wish came true. Perhaps that is why on her birthday each year, Suzie and I both celebrate.

There have been parties with themes like Lion King and Pocahontas. I’ve hosted parties at children’s entertainment centers like Sea Base and Wildwood’s Family Fun Center. Parties have filled my living room or spread out at Lake Tyler. We’ve eaten Diary Queen ice cream cakes and favorite pies. And, one sad year the party still went on because we knew Pap would have wanted it that way. This year when I asked my annual question, “What do you want for your birthday?” Suzie’s answer was simple, “I want you and Matt.”

Suzie, Matt and I were together this year, Suzie’s 20th Birthday. We celebrated at Grandma’s house with Aunt Gertie joining us too. We feasted on a French toast breakfast with desserts, strawberry and apple pies – just what Suzie requested. The gifts she had wished for – jeans, a Steelers’ party bowl, and cash – made her smile. Matt surprised her with an arrangement of her favorite flowers, that made her smile all week long.

Suzie’s birthday wishes came true and so had mine. My wish was to be with Suzie on her birthday too.

August 17, 2008

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