Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey! The Circus is in Town!

Traditional circus music started to play and a clown on a unicycle whizzed around in circles. “Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to an American family tradition, the Carson and Barnes Family Circus!” This is what we’d all been waiting for – the circus.

Ponies paraded with red plumes on their heads. Amazing poodles played jump rope. Hula hoops rotated around a woman’s body while she stood on one leg. A contortionist squeezed his entire body into a small clear box and closed the lid. A daredevil road a motorcycle on the high wire. Clowns pulled silly stunts. Women swung from ropes wrapping curtains of red fabric around their bodies in an aerial artistry. Men swung from the trapeze. Colorfully clad guys and gals danced the samba. Delicately small women road on the backs of enormous elephants.

I sat in sheer delight as the acts ran in all three rings. My eyes darted around the circus tent. I did not want to miss a thing! This live entertainment exceeded all my expectations. My photos did not so if you want to see photos you need to go to the circus website You will see the talented people who entertained the crowd.

I do have photos of some unexpected things that happened at the circus on this August afternoon. I took my first elephant ride. Ed became a guest clown. And finally, Ed and I were invited to ride through the Big Top welcoming people to the 7 o’clock performance along with Tarzan, aka. Mike Bones from the Three Rivers Casino. We had a delightful Circus Day!

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