Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Is Counting?

As I explored Sea Lions Caves, I first noticed the Heceta Lighthouse framed picture-perfect through a rocky opening in the cave wall. Then, I noticed it again from its own designated viewpoint on Oregon’s Coastal Highway 101. And, when Ed and I picnicked on a weathered driftwood log along the Pacific Ocean beach, the 56-foot tower of the lighthouse set high on the rugged headland above our sea level seat.

At each location, people aimed, focused, and clicked photos of this working lighthouse. It’s is no wonder that Heceta Lighthouse claims to be the “most photographed lighthouse” in Oregon. I know Ed and I shot at least a dozen digital photos, but who is counting?

The Heceta Lighthouse, built in 1894, is designated in the National Register of Historic Places. It functions as a working lighthouse with its powerful lens sending a beam 21-miles out to sea.

August 21, 2008

Heceta Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse State Park
Mile Maker 178.3 on Oregon Highway 101
12 Miles North of Florence, Oregon

Heceta Lighthouse Viewpoint
Mile Market 179 on Oregon Highway 101

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