Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We've Been from the Atlantic to the Pacific

In a cautious voice, Ed warned me, “Don’t go so close to the edge.”

I suppose I could have slipped since the ground surface remained wet from an earlier shower. Still I inched as close to the edge as I dared. We had walked the Cape Flattery Trail and reached one of the first coastal overlooks high above the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean.

I knew I could get a better view of the rocky cliffs if only I moved away from the protective railing of the overlook. I lingered for a while on the unprotected edge watching sea birds soar in the air and an orange starfish get pounded by beating waves without being dislodged from its rocky hold. Eventually, I moved to safer ground.

From a second overlook, I could see seals lounged on a rock island. Sea gulls plucks fish from the undulating water. Waves created a thunderous sound that echoed from the hollows of caves beneath the platform and visible along the coastline.

In October 2007, Ed and I had traveled through Quebec as far east as we could to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River on the Atlantic Ocean. Now, nine months later, we stood at the opposite end of the continent - Cape Flattery the western most point of the U.S. We hugged in a “We-did-it” embrace! From Atlantic to Pacific – A&P – we did it.

July 26, 2008

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