Sunday, July 27, 2008

Goats on a Roof? Where Did You Say I Could See That?

“I forgot to tell you about the goats!” the man puffed nearly out of breath. “Goats on a roof…in Coombs…go there,” he said in short phrases between breaths.

“Of course, we will make a trip there before we leave the island.” What else could I say to a man who just ran along the beach to give us this travel tip?

Ed and I had casually chatted with the man and his wife moments ago about places and things to see on Vancouver Island. The couple passed along dozens of suggestions but forgot to mention the goats. Now, I figured the goats must be worth seeing. After all, this stranger left his driftwood seat and trekked after us when he realized this important omission from our original conversation.

I almost forgot about the goats too, at least until I noticed the exit sign on Highway 19 for Coombs. It was late in the day, but why not go see what this man had encouraged us to see?

And, we did see goats! Baby goats, black & white coated goats, goats with horns - all live on the grass covered roof of a market combination restaurant/ice cream store. They walked steady across the pitch of the roof. They nibbled grass growing over where gutters should hang. They seemed accustomed to the tourists like me with cameras in hand. So we say “the goats on a roof” and will pass this attraction along to other travelers to Vancouver Island.

July 20, 2008
Coombs, BC

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