Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Slumber Party "By-Invitation-Only"

What do you do when resort prices exceed your budget and “No Vacancy” signs hang in the lobbies of hotels in your price range? You stage a “by-invitation-only” slumber party!

Betty Anne and I had been opting for a shared hotel room to minimize tight sleeping quarters aboard “Dolly’s Pride”. But when we reached Canmore, Alberta and the Banff National Park region, we agreed to sleep on cushions on the coach living room floor to stay within our budget.

One of us tried unsuccessfully not to snore. Another tried to get lost in a book. And, one just simply pulled a pillow tight to block lights and noise.

After several nights, I am not sure if it was the altitude, a stress buster, or just plain fun that caused us to break out the camera!

July 8 -12, 2008

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