Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Last Trip for A Road Warrior

I picked up a rental car from Enterprise of Greensburg for my last trip to the Pittsburgh International Airport. Cindy apologized for the delay as detailers finished cleaning the vehicle for me. She handed me the keys for an SUV, an Escape. “Escape” – what an appropriate word!

Tuesday evening, I'd be in Miami. I planned to have dinner with David, the Ketchum Consultant who would replace me at the Episcopal private school. My flight was to leave a 3:55 PM. It was on time at check-in. By time I removed my jacket and shoes then emptied my briefcase of laptop and bagged liquids, the flight was delayed to a new departure time of 5:30 PM. I cancelled dinner with David instead making plans for breakfast.

The plane was cramped and gross odors came from the bathroom a few seats behind me. When the plane landed, everyone jocked for seats on the terminal bus. Some Australian teens lugged skateboards and backpacks bumping rudely into other passengers.“I can’t wait to travel in my coach,” I thought.

At baggage claim, I spotted my big red Samsonite. Hooray! During my past four flights, I’d been separated from my luggage three times. I grabbed my bag then waited for the National bus to take me to the rental center. At least nine Budget buses had passed me before I flagged the one headed to National. I wasn’t going to miss this grind.

Four days later I reversed my route from Miami to Pittsburgh, grabbed my bag and hired a taxi to my coach. Ed was waiting for me in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. The cab driver gave me a quizzical look when I asked him to hand my luggage up the coach steps. I was home at last because home is where the coach is parked – Anywhere, Anytime. My flying days are over!

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