Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rogers Rock

Imagine your own private beach cove, a place to more a fishing boat, a solitary campsite facing a lake with a backdrop of a rock cliff, and a full harvest moon shining each night. Sounds like something out of an exaggerated travel brochure, but I assure you it does exist. It’s the “Honeymoon Suite” at Roger’s Rock State Park in New York.

You won’t find it marked as such on the campground map. In fact, it wasn’t even our first choice for a site. We had selected a pull through near the boat launch with a troublesome grouping of low hanging branches. Before settling into our campsite, Ed asked for permission to trim the branches. The camp ranger said he’d have his staff take care of the pruning but he’d like to show us a few more sites that might be a better choice. Thinking we had already seen the best there was to offer, he and I obliged this friendly ranger and followed him in our tow car through the park. He stopped his green ranger car at the “Road Closed” sign, unlocked the metal gate, and rolled-up the plastic yellow caution tape.

The look on my face asked Ed, “Where is he taking us?” Ed shrugged and followed the ranger.

After a short drive down the dirt road, we followed the ranger into a picnic area with two covered pavilions. The lot could easily accommodate our coach and there was a clear view of the lake. “You’re offering us this site?” I quizzed the ranger in disbelief.

“Yes, he said but don’t get too excited yet. I have saved the best until last,” he said with a grin.
We followed him further down the dirt road descending a steep grade that opened to the “Honeymoon Suite.”

Excitedly, he pointed out the features like a Hilton bellman. “You can pull your coach here facing Lake George. Over there’s a place for your fishing boat. And, you could swim in cove where there’s a little private beach. Do you see it through these trees?”

“Up there is Rogers’ Rock where an English Colonial fighter named Robert Rogers escaped the Indians pursuers by climbing the cliff surface then reversing his snow shoes and descending the other side. The Indians thought he was a spiritual being after accomplishing that feat. Now, don’t you folks try climbing up there, cause I sure don’t want to have to rescue you,” he cautioned. “You can have this spot if you want it.” He added without taking a breath and bursting with pride at what he had to offer us, “No one will bother you down here because you can keep the caution tape across the road. This part of the park is officially closed but its open to you if you want it.”

And, that’s how we ended up for five days in the “Honeymoon Suite” of Roger’s Rock State Park on Lake George, New York under the harvest moon.

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