Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Getting to Know Our Coach

Our coach was “previously loved” by three couples. Of the three, we have met Tom and Jane. And, they graciously agreed to help us get acquainted with our new house on wheels. We traveled to Arkport, New York where we plugged into their guest pad and enjoyed their hospitality for several days.

“Did you find the floor safe yet?” Jane asked. “That board will expand the kitchen table another two feet. And, that piece fits over an open drawer to extend out as a table in the living room,” explained Jane as Ed pulled things from the closet.

“Oh, and there’s a place for your guns too. Pull the mattress forward so we can show you,” Jane instructed.

Features, compartments, information about switches, and mechanical details all came to light thanks to Tom and Jane. They gave us a jump start on getting to know our coach. Thanks!

Note: If you buy a “previously loved” coach, let past owners help you too.

September 11 - 13, 2007

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