Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Inspiration from James A. Michener

Imagine my astonishment when I read, "I had on file in the back recesses of my memory such a wealth of enticing subjects about which I would write that my brain would justly be termed teeming..." My favorite author James A. Michener described himself this way in the first chapter of The Eagle and The Raven. His words reflect my feelings too! For in preparation to travel full time aboard "Patty's Charm", I created and regularly update a list of ideas for articles and even books that I will write. I am also being selective about documents that I intend to keep handy for when the time comes to extract these enticing subjects and commit them to paper. These ideas harbor as memos in my Palm One waiting for the freedom of the road to unleash them. Until then, I remain committed to write a case for support for a client wishing to raise $50 million for a endowment campaign and a policy document for a new foundation. My brain is teeming!

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