Sunday, December 24, 2006

How do You Deal With Loneliness?

Dr. Lou Stoetzer, co-author of the book How Do They Live Like That?, offers a reminder that living a full-time RV lifestyle can be lonely at times. He recommends on his website that "when you load your rig for that big trip remember to take along the phone numbers of your close friends...reach out when the blues hit." This advice has helped me survive as a "road warrior" for the past five years. When I have an assignment in a new town, I check my PDA, PITT Alumni Directory, and Rotary connections for friends and family who may be living in the area. It's uplifting to reconnect with an old friend from college or a cousin who I haven't seen since I was a kid playing in Grandpa's back yard. A dinner out or quiet visit in their home can give you something to look forward to and make life on the road fun! I expect that as Ed and I travel we will be reconnecting with some people who have touched our lives. I also expect that we'll have some folks who will want to come visit us if they hear we're on a tropical beach in December or attending a special cultural event. Why not beat the loneliness by having an open door that swings both ways?

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myPrideBlog said...

I see a difference in being alone and being lonely. Rarely do I feel lonely when I am alone because there is always so much to keep me busy, computer, blogging, work on RV, etc. I actually enjoy the quiet time I get when I am alone.