Sunday, December 17, 2006

Do You Believe in Fortune Cookie Messages?

I love fortune cookies! Those eight to ten words printed on a paper no bigger than my pinkie finger can make me reflect on life, give me a boost, or simply make me laugh. Today, however, my fortune seemed prophetic. "A bold and dashing adventure is in your future."This message came out of my dinner cookie after spending a midday visit with Dr. John and Harriet Halkyard, authors of "99 Days to Panama: An Exploration of Central America by Motorhome." I read their book last August and contacted them by email suggesting that we meet when our paths cross in Houston. Instead, we met in Gun Barrel City. Ed and I meet with the Halkyards to discuss our RV travel plans, gain insight on Central America, and hear tips for life in an RV there. They offered a tremendous amount of information that only those who have been over the road can provide. Now, both Ed and I are aching to hit the road; and when we do, my fortune will come true.

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