Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Getting Ready to Go Full-time RVing

The week before Halloween, I stopped at a pumpkin patch in Chandler, Arizona to buy a pumpkin for a friend that I planned to visit. The lady managing the tented site, approached me from her RV parked nearby. After picking the biggest pumpkin with the perfect shape for carving a jack-o-lantern, I asked about her lifestyle and travels. She told me that she and her husband live aboard the coach and travel around picking up seasonal work like selling pumpkins. "What fun!" I thought as I wobbled on the black high shoes that I'd been wearing for over eight hours since my 7:30 AM business meeting and as I tried not to get pumpkin dirt on my Kasper suit. She shared that the hardest thing about going fulltime was getting rid of things too impractical for the couple's new lifestyle. She told me that she gave keepsakes to her children to hold, probably forever, and the rest she sold at her yard sales that went on week-after-week. I could empathize. I have filled two of the four packing trunks so far to store at Mom's house unless she violently protests. And, the storage shed is beginning to brim full with my garage sale items that only a Saturday morning, crack-of-dawn garager would want.

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