Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Career Break Plan

You share a lot of history when a friendship goes back for over 35 years. That's me and Val. High school classmates, college roommates, married to guys named "Ed", holidays together at Indian Lake, and phone calls whenever the day spares a moment. At long last, she came to visit me at my Texas home and sat with me on my squeaky porch swing. In one of those heart-to-heart conversations, she asked, "Why do you want to give this up?" By contrast, Val and her Ed will be moving to Georgia and settling in a big 4- bedroom house with a 3-car garage; my Ed and I will be settling into the 40' x 8' motor coach.

I responded by handing her the Lonely Planet book The Career Break Book: Swap your briefcase for a passport and live your dream. I reminded Val of the sense of freedom and spirit of adventure that we had in our youth before all the responsibilities caught up with us. I told her that I want to recapture that feeling and the book in my hand gives practical advice on how to move in that direction.

I went on to remind Val that plenty of times in my life, I set out on a course that I could not foresee the outcome - parenthood for one. What did I, an only child, know about raising kids? Some how I managed. Writing a grant use to scare me. Did I ever think I could raise millions of dollars for charity through grant writing? No, but I did! The same is true with the adventure of living in the RV and traveling. It's a path to follow and one that I can change if things don't feel right after awhile. It's an opportunity to seize now or never because "someday" never comes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Termite,

I found your blog through Darlene Miller's. I've been a fulltime RVer for 41/2 yrs. now and have absolutely no regrets. Not all your friends and family members will understand why you want to do this "crazy" thing. But you have the right attitude. Congrats and I look forward to following your adventures.