Thursday, November 04, 2010

No Longer an RV Road Trip!

Just as the sunset photo represents the end to my RV road trip through the USA and Canada, the sunrise illuminates a new beginning, a new day, a new adventure. This sunrise photo taken on Saturday, November 1, 2010 captures Mount Blanc against a horizon of “sky blue pink” - as my Dad would describe such colors. Neither he nor I would have ever imagined that my life would bring me to Switzerland. I arrived on August 2, 2010, a day that marks the official end of my RV road trip. I have come to this country to work as the Major Donor Global Fundraising Specialist for UNICEF in Geneva. Ed and I have stored the Prevost coach which we affectionately called “Dolly’s Pride” so I could accept this extraordinary opportunity. Our new life in Europe is another one of my bold moves ranking along with the decisions in 2007 to sell our Texas home, leave a career with the prestigious fundraising firm of Ketchum, and take a 24 month 20 day, 28,022 mile road trip. So now, I am on a journey of a new kind – living in a modern apartment in the Swiss village of Mies, working for the United Nations agency UNICEF, and experiencing culture shock while adapting to the Swiss way of life. Follow me on this new journey…building an international major donor program for UNICEF and exploring Switzerland, then eventually Europe.

November 4, 2010

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