Sunday, November 29, 2009

Halloween Parade of Extraordinary Proportions

The Halloween Parade came nearly to the doorstep of the coach. The staging area was in a parking lot just down the hillside near Campus RV Park. With all the commotion, I grabbed my camera and went out the door.

No vehicles cruised the streets of Independence, Missouri. Every throughway been blocked and was patrolled by security for the parade. The sidewalks – well, the sidewalks were jammed with people. Some brought chairs, others just plopped on the curb. The crowd lined the streets of town square and all the surrounding arteries. Downtown was alive and elbow-to-elbow with people.

I found a spot behind a street barrier on O’Sage at the base of a hill. I had a cascading view from the top of the hill to the level boulevard.

When the parade began, a line of headlights crested the hill. The Independence Police Force came forward in an impressive formation. The parade began with the thunder of their Harleys. Bands, show dogs, dance schools, witches, Scout troops, antique cars, John Deer tractors, more Harleys, Red Hatters, and even a Coast Guard boat followed. Ghostly creatures, darling princesses, and a politician or two passed by with waves and hand tosses of candy to the spectators.

The parade went on for over an hour. That’s how the folks in Independence, Missouri celebrate Halloween!

October 31, 2009

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