Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aruthur Bryant's Barbeque: World Famous Even for a Late Breakfast!

Getting up early has its drawbacks. If you eat breakfast at 6 AM, very possibly you’re hungry again by 10:30 or 11 AM. So no wonder, when I revealed our Saturday plans to Ed – a trip to the National World War I Museum and a meal at the famous Kansas City Arthur Bryant’s – he wanted to go for BBQ first.

“We just ate,” I whined, amazed that he even thought the place would be open in the morning.

“Use your cell phone to call the BBQ place. If they are open, we’ll eat before visiting the museum,” he persisted.

I called. “Yes, we’re open. Come on over,” I heard over the kitchen noise.

Both of my favorite travel books give Arthur Bryant’s high marks. Road Trip USA calls it a “classic, no-frills rib shack” … “where heavenly BBQ sauces come in plain plastic bottles.” And, 1,000 Place to See Before You Die calls it “the best barbecue joint in town, or maybe anywhere.” This book elaborates and recommends “the signature half-pound of slow cooked brisket slapped on plain old white bread, with a gritty herbs- and spices-flavored barbecue sauce and the best skin-on french fries in America.” – This is what we ordered.

Ed carried the overloaded tray of food to a window seat following behind me. I cut a path through the crowd that gathered in the narrow passageway to the counter. Saturday tailgaters had lined up for to-go boxes behind us. Two busloads of tourists made a line out the door winding out on the sidewalk. They all knew Arthur Bryant’s was open early and the food was great.

Ed and I didn’t have much to say during our meal. It wasn’t because we had an attitude. We were munching, sampling the BBQ sauces, and licking our fingers!

Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue

1727 Brooklyn Avenue

Kansas City, MO


October 3, 2009

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