Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Best Water - Ashland's Artesian Water

When the local water tastes bad, I tend to drink beer. If I buy the same brand, the brew tastes consistent and refreshing. Not so with water! Water – simple H2O – can taste very different as I have learned while on our “RV Road Trip.” Some water reeks of chlorine, some of lime. One time the water looked yellow. It smelt bad so I drank only bottled water from a commercial filtered dispenser that cost me 25-cents to fill a gallon jug. Although our coach has a water filtration system, if you start with bad tasting water, no amount of filtering can make it taste anything but nasty.

Only once have I found water that tastes pure and good. This water runs free from an Artesian Well in Wisconsin. Naturally purified, the water does not need pumping. It flows upward from the groundwater through an open pipe. Anyone can fill a glass or jugs, just wait your turn outside the tiny wooden shack at the City of Ashland’s Malowski Beach. A roadside stop for a quick drink was all I needed to declare this water the best I ever tasted during our travels. It’s the best I tasted in a lifetime!

For ten days, we camped near Ashland and I made several trips to the Artesian Well for refills. We even made one last stop there on our way out of town and savored every last drop!

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