Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We Keep Running Out of Road!

We keep running out of road! We’ve traveled in our Prevost motorhome/bus conversions from the tip of Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula to the Texas-Mexican border…cross-country through the US and Canada to the Pacific Rim, Vancouver Island…along the coasts of Washington and Oregon… then inland only to bisect the US again to reach southern California’s beaches and another Mexican border. The rise in seasonal temperatures directly relates to how far north we move. And, when the degrees decrease, we turn southward. We are infinitely mobile on a road trip that began for my husband Ed on Independence Day – July 4, 2007 when he drove out of the yard of our Texas home and gave the keys to its new owners. For me, the journey began two months later in September 2007 when I resigned from a corporate career and tossed my watch into the depths of Lake George in upstate New York.

We’ve traveled more in the past two years than most people travel in a lifetime of two-week vacations! We’ve logged over 25,000 miles on the Prevost and several thousand on the car we tow for running about on day trips.

The people we encounter, the experiences that come our way, and the places we visited truly have opened a new world to us. How else would we have met people like the commercial fisherman in Louisiana who let us spend a morning with him checking his nets for catfish? Would we have ever been guests at a Cajun birthday party or ride the circus elephant greeting the crowd for the evening performance? When would we ever have walked the Pacific coastal beaches of Oregon or peeked through a US-Mexico border fence? Had it not been the journey that we embarked upon, none of this would have happened to us. Imagine what we would have missed!

Several weeks ago, we reached the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lake Superior makes a natural barrier causing us to again look at the map and say, “Where next?” Although we have once again run out of road, the adventure continues.

July 5, 2009

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