Friday, May 01, 2009

South Haven, Kansas: A Friendly Place to Boondock

Just a bit north of the Oklahoma state line and south of Wichita, Kansas sets a little town call South Haven. On the road map, it’s a tinny black dot at the cross roads of Routes 166 and 177 some three-miles off Interstate 35. If you venture there, you’ll need to bring your own accommodations. The dilapidated motel has no vacancies but it appeared like some people actually have made it their home. The restaurant hours of operation seemed to fit the random schedule of the owner. And, the building that looked like an old gas station turned into a tanning salon was not what it appeared to be. A sign on this relic of an old filling station read: “Get Your Hide Tanned Here.” Clever message for a tanning salon but don’t fooled. Folks in South Haven all know that’s where you go to buy a tanned buffalo hide. We met the owner of this small business. He knocked on the door of our coach around sunset. In a neighborly way, he offered to let us park in the lot of his tanning place and even connect to the electricity. He stayed with us on our coach for awhile just visiting in the warmest way. The town may need a facelift, but South Haven earned a four star rating for hospitality.

April 20, 2009

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