Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Did We Miss Anything?

Yesterday, I paged through the 2008 Texas State Travel Guide. I focused my attention on the sections South Texas Plains and Gulf Coast. Did we miss seeing anything? I wondered as I glanced at the city names, listed attractions, and photos. At best, we had enjoyed the Rio Grande Valley for its abundance of vegetables and citrus, its winter weather that makes it a haven for RVers and retired folks, and its position as a gateway to Mexico.

We had seen and experienced much in our three months here. In conversations with people who call this region home, I learned that Ed and I have been some places where they have never ventured. ..Los Ebanos Ferry, Santa Maria Bull Ring, La Borde House, and more. “We ought to do that someday,” I hear them remark. I suspect that “someday” never comes and they’ll miss some of the pleasant places by spending a Saturday at the Mall or vacationing hundreds of miles away.

We are leaving the Rio Grande Valley tomorrow. I know we missed Smitty’s Juke Box Museum and Ye Old Clock Museum. We ought to do that someday.

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