Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Beginning a 10,000 Mile Journey

For days we looked at the North America map taped to the coach wall. We calculated distances. We added labels indicating attractions we want to visit and cities where special people live. Finally on April 4th, Ed turned the key of our coach we named “Dolly’s Pride” and we drove away from Albertson’s Garden RV Park.

Ed and I were beginning our 2008 trip. Ed calls it our “10,000 Mile Grand Tour”, a thousand miles for each year he has owned and operated Private Motor Coach, Inc. leading up to the 10-year corporate anniversary in January 2009.

Our trip will take us through the Texas Gulf Coast and then into Louisiana’s Cajun parishes. As the temperatures increase in the South, we’ll head north into Missouri and eastbound to the Atlantic shore. We plan to be in upstate New York and cross into Canada by mid-June. We’ll turn west through Canada with our sights on reaching Banff National Park and Lake Louise by mid-July. Then, we’ll make our way back to the US along the west coast.

Ed will be at the wheel and I’ll be blogging along the way recording our experiences.

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