Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am Glad You Asked

Friends and family who know that our previous MCI bus conversion/motor home had been used primarily by Ed in his business Private Motor Coach, Inc. (PMC) have asked how he’ll continue taking people on trips when we live in the coach. At first, I answered that question by telling people, we’d be very selective about the trips taken and that I could accompany Ed or choose to head to Mom’s house for awhile. Ed responded by saying, “I’m bored with America. I want to expand the business to Central and South America.” He is ready to let go of PMC’s North American market and move onto a new venture. So now my response has changed. I tell people who now ask that we became fulltime RVers living in a Prevost motor coach/bus conversion to facilitate our new business plan: Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. (

Our primary intent is to open the market in Central and South America to private RV travel by considering, among others, eco-tourism, charitable tours, charter groups, and business-to-business development with the various countries’ tourism departments. Our secondary effort is to create a “Charles Kuralt- On the Road ”- type video series, like that which aired on CBS in the ‘70s, chronicling our travel experiences either as a couple or with guests aboard the coach. We are currently working with our contacts within the RV industry to develop these plans and identify sponsors. We will begin a fact-finding expedition to the Americas in the spring of 2008. Global Tourism Solutions, Inc. is the offspring of our initial travel company Private Motor Coach, Inc. (

Our new business plan is evolving so keep asking questions. Your questions help us to focus our thoughts, refine or challenge our ideas, and move forward.

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