Monday, March 17, 2008

Windy...Wobbly...It's Spring!

When I woke up this morning, I could still feel the wind gusts rocking the coach. My hair tickled my face as the wave of air flowed from the open window across the cotton bed sheet and grazed my cheek. For the past two days in Pharr, Texas, afternoon temperatures broke 100° F and winds moved as 15 mph or more. We had kept the coach air conditioning on during the day but shut it off at night after 8 PM to enjoy the moving tropical 76° air.

Spring arrived. The March wind and heat aren’t the only indicators, there is new life. White blossoms decorate each tree branch on lot #33 at Albertson Gardens RV Park. The outside air is scented with a honeysuckle-like sweetness from blossoming fruit trees, a sign there’ll be oranges and grapefruits late in the growing season. In the farmer’s pen adjourning the Park, a sheep gave birth yesterday. Though I missed the miracle, I discovered the little one on my late afternoon walk. He wobbled testing his legs and plopped on the ground into the Texas dust and straw bedding. Today, his black coat is licked clean and he is on steady legs following close to his mother, nursing when she stands still. The new family posed for me – momma and baby together and poppa in a separate pen next door.

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