Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Than a Bullfight at Santa Maria Bullring

There’s more to an afternoon at Santa Maria Bull Ring than toro bravos and a quartet of bull fights. Our afternoon began with a Mexican cowboy showing his talent with a rope, swirling the rope in perfect circles over and around his slender figure. Next, Mario Ordaz rode into the ring on his Azteca Horse “Wapo.” Mario sings while riding and Wapo high steps as if he were dancing. Gracefully, at the end of their performance, Mario dismounts and Wapo takes a bow by kneeling on his two front legs drawing loud applause. Then, the announcer narrates an educational demonstration performed by Fred Renk and his grandson to help the crowd understand the history of the great matadors, the artistic moves and the danger of bull fighting. And, let's not forget the opportunity to meet the handsome matadors. Ole!

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