Sunday, January 14, 2007

We'll See a New Horizon Everyday

When Ed and I first thought about moving from our long time home of Pittsburgh, PA, we entered information in a program called Places Rated Almanac. We agreed to a location with outdoor activities, warm weather, some cultural activities, good schools, and low taxes. Several regions met our criteria and gave us some ideas for locations to refine our geographic search. Eventually, East Texas won out over the other areas and we set up a home in Whitehouse, TX.

Now, as we plan to live full-time in our RV, our options are unlimited. When the weather gets uncomfortable, we'll be able to move to places where the sun shines. When I long for a relaxing splash in the ocean or gulf, we'll motor along the roads to the beach. If there's an event, we can go. And, when I need the serenity of the mountains, we'll head for the hills.

I know many people who jockey between a winter home and a summer home. That just doesn't suit me. It's like returning to the same vacation spot every year - comfortable but boring. There's so much to see and do that I don't want to see the same horizon everyday. I long for the adventure of new places and experiences awaiting us on our RV road trip.

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