Sunday, September 10, 2006

Getting Ready to go Full-Time in the RV

Today, I filled the first of my keepsake trunks. Knowing that I would not need these mementos, meant that I simply went through closets and drawers identifying things dear to me. I started chronologically, high school year books, photo albums from my years at Hempfield and PITT, Alpha Delta Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon pins, my pledge book, and composites covered the bottom of Trunk #1. Then, I added my wedding dresses, wedding photo albums, the dried bouquet of roses, and the apron from my bridal dance. Next, I folded Suzie's christening gown and Communion dress followed by Christopher's infant size christening outfit and added them the trunk. The children's report cards, scouting badges and medals, and handmade Mother's Day gifts cherished for so long filled spaces. Diplomas, awards, published works, and Rotary flags fit nicely too. When I closed the lid, I felt like I had created a time capsule of my life...a treasure chest of my past and a glimpse of my life's passages.

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